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German Pavilion at LivingKitchen China / CIKB China International Kitchen & Bathroom Expo 2017

22 – 24 October 2017 – Shanghai, P.R. China

Beckermann Küchen GmbH

Booth number: 4.2 G022

Beckermann is a medium sized kitchen manufacturer based in Germany with a history of more than 120 years. In our new and fully automated facilities we produce a modern and comprehensive kitchen range. We export worldwide. Every single kitchen we produce is of outstanding quality and will please for a long time. It fulfills the highest claims in terms of design, functionality and durability. The Beckermann name is known as a guarantee for quality, reliability and commitment. We work in our dealer’s interest. Our aim is satisfied dealers. We always want to be a reliable partner to the kitchen specialists. We take responsibility for the conversation of nature and are committed to permanent improvement of the environmental performance. Energy efficiency, reduced emissions and waste disposal contribute to the sustainability of Beckermann. We run a modern environment and quality management. All our boards are within the E1 or CARB2 emission class.

Beckermann are appearing at the CIKB 2017 under the headline: “Kitchens commercially produced but still made to measure – with the best of components in German kitchens”. We are known for flexibility, using our new fully automated integrated production facility, which has made both us, and our partners, extremely competitive. Due to the flexibility we can offer, our partners experience tremendous advantages when designing a kitchen. Using this flexibility, the kitchen designer is in a favourable position straight away. The kitchens simply look more professional with commitment to detail, visible everywhere. The kitchen at the CIKB incorporates some of these features: No filler pieces necessary due to matching front sizes, there are non-standard sized cabinets, colour coordinated carcases, overlapping fronts and various handleless grip rail options. The three new ranges shown support each other in their stylish appearance.

Beckermann Küchen GmbH
Tenstedter Str. 50
49692 Cappeln

Phone: +49 4478 88-0
Fax: +49 4478 88-95

E-mail: info@beckermann.de
Internet: www.beckermann.de


pronorm Einbauküchen GmbH

Booth number: 4.2 G008

pronorm is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality kitchens and addresses the upper mid-market. pronorm kitchens are: 

  • individually planned
  • modern
  • and design-oriented.

pronorm's headquarters and factory is based in Vlotho, Westphalia. The company employs approximately 250 people and has a manufacturing capacity of 25,000 kitchens per year. Main markets: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain Other pronorm export markets: France, Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Lebanon, China, Taiwan.

pronorm's credo "Create your World" means endless combination possibilities to make the best individual design.

3 different product lines offer unique selling propositions and a very large range of materials and forms:
- the handleless Y-line (exclusive) and X-line (traditional)
- the ergonomic grid kitchen with handle proline
- the traditional basic classicline kitchen.

A consistent material, colour and technology strategy underlines pronorm's unique product philosophy.

pronorm Einbauküchen GmbH
Hoeferfeld 5–7
32602 Vlotho

Phone: +49 5733 979-0

E-mail: info@pronorm.de
Internet: www.pronorm.de